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Agnes Monica Biography

Agnes Monica (born Agnes Monica Muljoto; 1 July 1986) is an Indonesian recording artist and actress. Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, she started her career in the entertainment industry at the age of six as a child singer. She has recorded three children's albums. She also became a presenter of several children's television programs. As a teenager, Agnes expanded her career to include acting. Her role in the soap opera Pernikahan Dini rocketed her name into the industry. Later, she became the highest-paid teenage artist in Indonesia.

In 2003, she released her fourth studio album And the Story Goes, which marked her transition from a child singer to a female artist. On her fifth studio album, Whaddup A.. '?! (2005), she collaborated with American R&B singer Keith Martin. She also appeared in two Taiwanese drama series, The Hospital and Romance In the White House. She participated in the 2008 and 2009 Asia Song Festival in Seoul, South Korea, and received "Best Asian Artist Award" at each event. Agnes took creative control of her sixth studio album, Sacredly Agnezious (2009), for which she served as the producer and songwriter. In 2010, she was appointed as one of the judges on the talent show Indonesian Idol and was also one of the international hosts of the red carpet at the American Music Awards of 2010 in Los Angeles.

In addition to her commercial success, Agnes is the most-awarded Indonesian singer. She has received numerous awards, including ten Anugerah Musik Indonesia awards, seven Panasonic Awards, and four MTV Indonesia Awards. She was also honored with a Nugraha Bhakti Musik Indonesia (NBMI) from the Indonesian Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Singers, Songwriters, and Music Record Producers Association of Indonesia (PAPPRI) for her contribution and support for the Indonesian music industry.[1] She was also appointed as an anti-drug ambassador of Asia, and as the ambassador of MTV EXIT to combat human trafficking.

Throughout her career, she has often been controversial in Indonesia. When she was a teenager, her frequent comments about her goal to break into the international market was viewed by some as a pompous proclamation. In 2010, however, she signed with Sony/ATV Music Publishing and began work on a debut English studio album. Consequently, her slogan "Dream, Believe, and Make it Happen" was used in a 2011 cultural conference to inspire young people organized by the US Embassy in Jakarta.

1986–2002: Childhood and early career

Agnes Monica was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, on 1 July 1986 to a Yang family of Chinese ancestry.[3] She is the youngest child of Jenny Siswono, a former table tennis player, and Ricky Muljoto, a former badminton player.[4][5] Her older brother, Steve Muljoto, is her manager.[6] She attended Tarakanita elementary school and Pelita Harapan junior high school.[7] Her talent for the performing arts was evident in her childhood, especially in singing; she sang in church and attended vocal courses.[8]

Agnes entered the entertainment industry in 1992, when she was six years old, and released her first children's album, Si Meong.[4] In 1995, she released her second children's album, Yess!, which includes a duet with fellow Indonesian child singer Eza Yayang.[4] Her last children's album, Bala-Bala, was released the following year.[4][9] Agnes also became the host for several children's programs, including Video Anak Anteve (VAN) on Anteve, Tralala-Trilili on RCTI, and Diva Romeo on Trans TV.[4] She was awarded "Most Favorite Presenter of Children's Program" at the Panasonic Awards in 1999 and 2000 for Tralala-Trilili.[10]

Agnes began acting as a teenager. Her first two roles were on the soap operas Lupus Millennia and Mr Hologram in 1999.[7] The next year, she starred in the TV series Pernikahan Dini,[4] which served as a turning point in her career by transforming her image from that of a child artist to one of a teenage artist.[10] The production was well received by audiences, and she received the "Favorite Actress" award at the 2001 and 2002 Panasonic Awards, as well as the "Popular Actress" award at the 2002 SCTV Awards.[10] In 2002, Agnes starred in three soap operas, Ciuman Pertama, Kejar Daku Kau Ku Tangkap, and Amanda.[10] Due to her popularity, she became the highest-paid teenage artist in Indonesia.[11]

Agnes also recorded songs in her early teens, including "Pernikahan Dini" and "Seputih Hati" for the soundtrack of Pernikahan Dini, both of which are featured on the 2001 compilation album Love Theme.[12] The following year, she collaborated with the Indonesian senior singer Yana Julio in the song "Awan dan Ombak" for his studio album Jumpa Lagi.[

2003–2004: And The Story Goes
On 8 October 2003, Agnes released her first adult album, And the Story Goes. In this album, she worked with several famed Indonesian producers and songwriters, including Ahmad Dhani, Melly Goeslaw, and Titi DJ.[14] The album production took a year and a half, including the audition process for the dancers.[15] According to her record label, Aquarius Musikindo, the album sold 35,000 copies before its official release.[15] It was later certified double platinum after selling more than 300,000 copies.[7][16] The album won three awards after receiving ten nominations at the 2004 Anugerah Musik Indonesia Awards—the highest music awards in Indonesia. They were "Best Female Solo Pop Artist" for the song "Jera", "Best Dance/Techno Production" for the song "Bilang Saja", and "Best Duo/Group" for her duet with Ahmad Dhani in "Cinta Mati".[17] She also won "Best Female Newcomer" at the 2004 Anugerah Planet Muzik awards in Singapore. Because of her success at a young age, she was dubbed a "Young Diva" by members of the media.[10] At this point, she started broaching the idea of an international career.[17]

In addition to promoting her debut album, Agnes also starred in several TV series during this time, playing the lead role in three: Cewekku Jutek, Bunga Perawan, and Cantik.[18] She won "Favorite Actress" at the 2003 Panasonic Awards and "Famous Actress" at 2004 SCTV Awards.[19]

In 2004, after graduating from Pelita Harapan senior high school, Agnes enrolled at Pelita Harapan University, where she majored in Business Law.
2005–2007: Whaddup A.. '?!

Agnes launched her second studio album, Whaddup A.. '?!, on 10 December 2005. It featured five singles: "Bukan Milikmu Lagi", "Tanpa Kekasihku", "Tak Ada Logika", "Cinta Di Ujung Jalan", and "Tak Mungkin". In addition to working with Indonesian musicians such as Melly Goeslaw, Andi Rianto, and Erwin Gutawa, she also collaborated with American singer-songwriter Keith Martin.[7] Martin wrote two English songs for the album, including the duet "I'll Light a Candle".[16] To promote the album, Agnes held a concert tour known as Clasnezenzation in four Indonesian cities: Bandar Lampung, Surabaya, Bandung, and Makassar.[21] The album was commercially successful and she won two 2006 Anugerah Musik Indonesia awards for "Best Female Pop Artist" and "Best R&B Production".[22] She also won the "Most Favorite Female" award at the 2006 MTV Indonesia Awards.[23] She was nominated for "Favorite Indonesian Artist" award at the MTV Asia Awards 2005 (beaten by Peterpan) but, she grabs the youngest artist of all nominees in Asian category.[24] Selling more than 450,000 copies, the album was one of the top-selling albums of 2006 and was certified triple platinum.[25]

In 2005, Agnes appeared in the Taiwanese drama The Hospital, co-starring with Jerry Yan, a member of the Taiwanese boyband F4.[26] She also appeared with Peter Ho in several episodes of the Taiwanese drama Romance in the White House,[27] and starred in two Indonesian soap operas, Ku Tlah Jatuh Cinta and Pink, both televised on Indosiar.[28][29] In 2006, she starred in the RCTI soap opera Kawin Muda. She also decided to take a break from her education that year to focus on her entertainment career.[30]

In early 2007, Agnes was appointed by the United States of America's Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the International Drug Enforcement Conference (IDEC) Far East Region as an Asian anti-drug ambassador.[31][32] On 15 May 2007, she was an opening act for American R&B group Boyz II Men at a concert in Istora Senayan, Jakarta,[10] and on 23 June of that year, she held her first concert at Stadium Negara in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.[33] She also guest starred in the finale of Asian Idol on 16 December 2007, and performed the song "Get Up".
2008–2009: Sacredly Agnezious

In 2008, Agnes began working on her third studio album. She released the first single, "Matahariku", earlier than she had planned. It became her best-selling single, with sales of three million ringback tone downloads within nine months.[34] The song received the "Most Favorite Female" award at the 2008 MTV Indonesia Awards and the "Best Female Solo Pop Artist" award at the 2009 Anugerah Musik Indonesia awards.[35][36] In September 2008, she released the second single, "Godai Aku Lagi", which she wrote herself. She also released a mini album containing the two singles.[37] That same year she starred in the RCTI soap opera Jelita.[38]

On 4 October 2008, Agnes was invited as the Indonesian representative at the Asia Song Festival. The event was organized by the Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange in Seoul, South Korea. She performed with 24 artists from 12 Asian countries. The event was viewed by an audience of 35,000 at the Seoul World Cup Stadium and was broadcast in 30 countries.[39][40] She performed two of her songs, "Godai Aku Lagi" and "Shake It Off". During the performance, she incorporated elements of Indonesian traditional dance from Bali. Her performance received positive responses from the Korean media and won the committee's "Best Asian Artist Award".[41] The following year, she was invited again and performed three songs: "Shake It Off", "Temperature", and Michael Jackson's "Heal the World". This time, 14 artists from across Asia participated and it was viewed by an audience of 40,000.[42] As was the case with her previous performance, Agnes received good reviews and earned the "Best Asian Artist Award".[43]

Agnes launched her third studio album on 1 April 2009, Sacredly Agnezious. This time, she was involved more in the album production. She worked with the renowned musicians Erwin Gutawa, Dewiq, Pay, and DJ Sumantri. She also acted as producer and songwriter.[44] In addition to the two previous singles, "Matahariku" and "Godai Aku Lagi", she produced two more singles: "Teruskanlah" and "Janji–Janji". At the 2010 Anugerah Musik Indonesia awards, she won three awards: "Best Pop Album", "Best Female Pop Solo Artist", and "Best of the Best Album".[45] On 23 May 2009, she appeared as a guest star at the "Festival of Life" in Bali. The celebration commemorated the 50-year anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Japan.[46]

Having already taken an extended break from the Pelita Harapan University, Agnes withdrew from the school.[30] She then began taking distance education classes as a Political Science major at Oregon State University.[47]
2010–present: Upcoming international project

In 2010 Agnes served as a judge on Indonesian Idol season 6.[48] Her selection for the panel caused controversy because of her age.[49] That year, she was also appointed as an ambassador of the MTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking) organization, which combats human trafficking,[50] for which she performed at benefit concerts in Surabaya and Jakarta.[51]

In late 2010, Agnes experienced a breakthrough into the international market when she was chosen as an international red carpet host for the annual American Music Awards on 21 November 2010 at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.[52] Several months later, she announced that she had signed to Sony/ATV Music Publishing and was working on her debut English studio album in London and Los Angeles.[53] In early 2011, she also recorded a duet version of "Said I Loved You...But I Lied" with the American singer Michael Bolton for his compilation album, Gems: The Duets Album.[54] The duet was released in the album's international version in Asia.[55] The next year, she was nominated in the Worldwide Acts Asia Pacific Nominees category for the 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards.[56] Consequently, her slogan "Dream, Believe, and Make it Happen" was used in a 2011 cultural conference to inspire young people organized by the US Embassy in Jakarta.[2]

Agnes released a greatest hits album Agnes Is My Name on 2 February 2011. The album compiled her top hit singles and two new songs, "Karena Ku Sanggup" and "Paralyzed".[57] The release was specially through KFC's Indonesian branch and was not released in CD stores nationwide except for a separate Malaysian release done months later. The album was free with every meal purchase. The album sold one million copies in three months, earning her the "Million Awards" award from Indonesian KFC, which marketed the album with their chicken meals and/or separate CD purchase on-counter.[58] "Karena Ku Sanggup" won her the "Best Pop Female Singer" award at the 2011 AMI Awards.[59] She also won the "Most Inbox Video Clip" award at the 2011 Inbox Awards. The award, presented by SCTV, was given for the song "Paralyzed", which was made in Indonesia and the United States.[60]

Agnes was selected as a performer for the 26th SEA Games 2011 Opening Ceremony, with KC Concepcion from the Philippines and the Malaysian singer Jaclyn Victor. Their performance of "Together We Will Shine" was the highlight of the event.[61]

In early 2012 Agnes returned as judge for Indonesian Idol season 7.[62] She's pending her international album for the Idol deal.

In March 2012 she was nominated for the American Nickleodeon Kids Choice Awards 2012 of new category Favorite Asian Act.[63]

Her single, titled "Muda" was released on 9 November 2012. Her song is available for free, but the free, legal download is limited to simPATI subscribers.


Agnes has been noted as a powerful soprano with a range of five octaves. Her songs can be classified as pop, R&B, or hip-hop, and she has named Aretha Franklin, Jill Scott, Angie Stone, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Fantasia, and Beyoncé as her musical influences,.[65] In addition to her singing talent, she is also known as a strong dancer and actress. She is the first Indonesian soloist with a personal dance group, known as Nezindahood. They auditioned during the development of her first album in 2003.[14] She has also written some of her songs[66] and produced her own music videos.[67] She has been described as a perfectionist with a variety of talents by Indonesian commentators.

 Honors and awards
Main article: List of awards received by Agnes Monica

Agnes has become the most-awarded Indonesia singer.[69] Notable awards she has won include ten Anugerah Musik Indonesia, seven Panasonic Awards, and four MTV Indonesia Awards. She has also received many international awards, including an Anugerah Planet Muzik award and two Best Asian Artist Awards. For her contribution and support to Indonesian music, she was given the 2011 Nugraha Bhakti Musik Indonesia (NBMI) award from The Minister of Culture and Tourism and Association of Indonesian Singers, Songwriters and Music Record Producers.Until today Agnes Monica often win Indonesia Nickelodeon Kid Choice Award as most inspiring actress.

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Christina Perri Biography

Christina Perri Biography

Christina Judith Perri (born August 19, 1986)[1][2] is an American singer-songwriter and musician from Philadelphia. Her song "Jar of Hearts" charted in the United States after it was featured on the Fox television show So You Think You Can Dance in 2010. Rolling Stone named her the "Band of the Week" on October 26, 2010.[3] On May 10, 2011, Perri's "Jar of Hearts" was featured in the "Prom Night" episode of Fox musical series Glee;[4] the following month, it was featured in the episode "Dance Amongst Daggers" of ABC Family drama Switched at Birth. Perri recorded the song "A Thousand Years" for the film The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (2011) and it appears on the accompanying soundtrack.

Perri grew up in Bensalem, Pennsylvania (a suburb of Philadelphia) with her older brother, Nick Perri, who formerly played guitar with Shinedown, Silvertide, Perry Farrell and Matt Sorum.[5] Her father is from Italy[6] and mother from Poland.[citation needed] She attended Archbishop Ryan High School as a member of the class of 2004.[7] She taught herself how to play guitar as a 16-year-old by watching a videotape of Shannon Hoon from the group Blind Melon performing on VH1.[3]

Perri moved to Los Angeles on her 21st birthday. Later that year she got married and began to produce music videos. She divorced 18 months later and moved back to Philadelphia by the end of 2009; during this time she wrote "Jar of Hearts". She moved back to Los Angeles, waitressing at the Melrose Cafe during the day and recording at night.[3][8]

Perri's song "Jar of Hearts" was featured on So You Think You Can Dance during the June 30, 2010 show.[9] It was featured in performance by Billy Bell and Kathryn McCormick.[10] Perri's friend Keltie Colleen passed the song to show choreographer Stacey Tookey; Perri and Colleen watched the performance in the audience.[9] Following its exposure on the show, "Jar of Hearts" sold 48,000 digital copies, debuting on the Billboard Hot 100 at #63 and reaching #28 on Billboard's Hot Digital Songs.[10] Within a month, it sold more than 100,000 copies.[8] Then, her music video for "Jar of Hearts" landed on the VH1 top 20 music video countdown.
Shortly after, Perri made her debut on national day time and prime time television, performing the song live on the July 10, 2010 episode of The Early Show on CBS as well as the July 15, 2010 episode of So You Think You Can Dance[8] Perri signed a deal with Atlantic Records on July 21, 2010.[11] Roadrunner Records continue to promote "Jar of Hearts" on the radio.[12] Perri appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on July 29, 2010 and Conan on December 7, 2010 where she played "Jar of Hearts." In addition, "Jar of Hearts" was on the show Pretty Little Liars. "Arms" was also in the ABC Family movie Teen Spirit. Perri recorded an EP named The Ocean Way Sessions that was released on November 9, 2010.[13]

Perri's debut album is titled lovestrong. and was released on May 10, 2011. It follows the release of "Arms", its lead single, released on March 15. She appeared on Late Show with David Letterman, playing her song "Arms". "Arms" was used in the August 26, 2011 episode of The Bold and the Beautiful and has also been used in TV spots for the Fall 2011 season of Investigation Discovery's show Disappeared.
Perri's single, "A Thousand Years", appeared on the soundtrack of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 and Part 2.
On November 1, 2011 Perri appeared on ABC's Dancing with the Stars Results show to perform her song "Arms". On November 13, 2011, she also performed "Jar of Hearts" on the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing results show. On February 19, she performed "Jar of Hearts" in the pre-fight buildup to Vitali Klitschko vs. Derek Chisora World Heavyweight Championship boxing contest in Munich.
On January 29, 2012, Perri performed "Jar of Hearts" live on UK ITV's Dancing on Ice show, with Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean in a specially choreographed routine.
On April 22, 2012, Perri performed live on Australia's Dancing with the Stars.
Perri also announced in San Juan, Puerto Rico during her Lovestrong Tour that she will be releasing her second studio album in Spring 2013; also in San Juan she sang new song "Run" for the first time, which will be included on the new album.[14] In addition, in late 2012 she will be co-headlining the Jason Mraz concert series Tour Is a Four Letter Word across continental North America in 2012.[15]
On August 1, 2012, she announced via Facebook that she would be releasing a Christmas EP titled A Very Merry Perri Christmas and that the EP would be released on October 16, 2012. On December 12, Perri performed "Something About December", an original Christmas song from this album, on Today.[16]
Perri is involved with the non-profit organization To Write Love On Her Arms.[17]

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Matt Heafy Biography

Matthew Kiichi "Matt" Heafy (born January 26, 1986)[1] is a Japanese-American musician, best known as the lead vocalist and co lead guitarist for the American Metal band Trivium. Heafy is also the vocalist for the band Capharnaum, along with Trivium's former producer Jason Suecof. Heafy has a baritone vocal range.
Heafy is Japanese from his mother and Irish from his father. As stated in an interview, he was born in Iwakuni, Japan, and only lived there for one year. His family then moved to Orlando, Florida, where he currently resides.[2]
Heafy learned to play the saxophone in years leading up to becoming more serious on guitar at the age of twelve.[3]
Heafy attended Lake Brantley High School. He completed his senior year while also touring in Europe, and graduated in 2004.[4] He currently plays a custom Gibson 7-string guitar.[5] He used 6-string guitars for Trivium's first two albums, utilizing standard tuning and Drop D tuning on Ember to Inferno, and solely drop D tuning on Ascendancy.[6] On Trivium's third record, The Crusade, he returned to standard tuning and performed some songs on 7-string guitars. On Shogun, Heafy used 7-string guitars almost exclusively, with only two songs using a 6-string. For Trivium's fifth studio album "In Waves", Heafy returned to using solely 6-string guitars and used drop C# tuning similar to the drop D as seen on Ascendancy.[7]
Heafy does not know formal music theory, and was almost completely self-taught. However, he does know how to read sheet music, but can only apply it on the saxophone. "Self taught for quite a bit of it, did lessons on and off for maybe two or three years, but I do not know anything formal music on guitar. I do on saxophone though…but that doesn’t help me on guitar."[3]
On January 10, 2010, Heafy married Ashley Howard[8] in Orlando, Florida. The wedding was attended by close friends and family.
Matt still often uses the same first Gibson Les Paul he got from his father, in both a live and studio setting.[9]
Recently in an interview Heafy stated, "A lot of people have been asking about the hair. I cut it off and donated it to Locks of Love, which is a foundation for kids with cancer and leukemia. So they make wigs out of real hair. This is the first time I had short hair I guess since I was like 17 or so. So it feels good, I've been sweating a lot less than I used to."[7]


Matt Heafy unofficially joined Trivium at the age of twelve, but became the official frontman after Brad Lewter, the previous vocalist of Trivium, quit the band shortly after Heafy joined. Heafy assumed responsibility for vocals and the majority of the songwriting. Matt's debut with Trivium included his compositions of "Fugue", "Demon", "Requiem", "Sworn", and "The Storm". He has also composed the songs and lyrics for Ember to Inferno and Ascendancy.[citation needed]
With the release of Trivium's 4th album, Shogun, Heafy greatly expanded his vocal range; from very melodic singing to hardcore screams. In 2011 Trivium's fifth studio album "In Waves" was released with a greater emphasis on songs rather than skill with the album featuring the full range of Heafy's vocal talents with some songs being entirely composed of screaming and others with no screaming at all, and many songs that fused the two as with previous records.
In Trivium, Matt shares lead guitar duties with Corey Beaulieu though he is responsible for recording the rhythm tracks on the albums.

Musical influences

Matt Heafy cites musicians James Hetfield, John Petrucci, Yngwie Malmsteen, and many others as his primary influences. His style was mostly influenced by bands such as Metallica, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Slayer, Pantera, Dream Theater, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Poison the Well, and later on In Flames, Children of Bodom, Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquillity, Opeth, Dimmu Borgir, Fozzy, Dark Funeral and Anorexia Nervosa.[7]


Heafy has been endorsed by Gibson since Summer 2009, but before he was endorsed by Dean after he and Corey Beaulieu were both given Dean Razorback prototypes in 2006. In summer 2009 Gibson made him a custom 7 string Explorer, which is now a production model but only available in black. He has been seen playing an artist signature model on the Dream Theater "A Dramatic Turn of Events Tour", which is a Epiphone Les Paul in both 6 and 7 string versions.

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Iwan Fals biography

Iwan Fals (born Virgiawan Listanto; September 3, 1961 in Jakarta) is an Indonesian singersongwriter. In 2002, Time magazine named him as a Great Asian Hero.
Iwan was born Virgiawan Listanto in Jakarta, on September 3, 1961 to Harsoyo, a soldier,[1] and Lies Suudijah. He studied at SMP 5 Bandung and SMAK BPK Bandung. He continued his studies at Sekolah Tinggi Publisistik and then Jakarta Arts Institute. At the age of thirteen, he performed as a street performer at wedding ceremonies and other social events.[2]

On 1 January 1982, his first son, Galang Rambu Anarki was born. One of his best-known songs, Galang Rambu Anarki, was written for his birth and released on 1982's Opini (Opinion) album. Galang was a guitarist who became a folk musician in his own right, and he died on 25 April 1997 of a suspected morphine overdose. 'Galang Rambu Anarki' translates to "support the sign of anarchy" in English.[3]
Three years later, his first daughter Anissa Cikal Rambu Basae was born.[4] His third child is Rayya Rambu Robbani.[5] He and Rosanna, his wife live in CibuburWest Java.[6]
Galan Rambu Anarki had started to follow in his father's footsteps, playing in a band from a young age, but died in 1997, aged 16, either of asthma, or from a drug overdose.[7]
Aged 18, Iwan Fals, Toto Gunarto, Helmi and Bambang Bule formed a group named Amburadul. The group released the album 'Perjalanan' in 1979, which was not successful, but was re-released with the added track '3 Bulan' as '3 Bulan' (1980) in 1980. The group disbanded and played no further role in Iwan Fals' career.
As part of his early career, Iwan Fals also recorded some comedy albums, after winning a comedy country singing contest. He sang of comic situations and themes, and his first release was on 'Canda Dalam Nada' (the A-side featured five songs by Iwan: Generasi Frustrasi, Dongeng Tidur, Imitasi, Kisah Sepeda Motorku (aka. Kopral), and Joni Kesiangan while the B-side consisted of songs by Tom Slepe and Pusaka Jaya). The songs Dongeng Tidur, Joni Kesiangan and Kisah Sepeda Motorku were released, with one new song, Ambulance Zig Zag, on the Iwan Fals mini-album Canda Dalam Nada, while Generasi Frustrasi and Imitasi were also included on the 'Yang Muda Yang Bercanda II' multiartist comedy compilation.
During this time, Iwan supported himself by busking.
1981 saw Iwan Fals' breakthrough, when he signed to Musica Studio to record his first solo album, Sarjana Muda. This album shows Iwan Fals' signature country music style, with the protest song "Guru Oemar Bakrie", which talks of how a teacher is poorly paid but still responsible for educating future well-paid and successful people. 'Guru Oemar Bakrie' became very well known and popular in Indonesia, and helped established Iwan's name. The album also contains several ballads. It benefited from considerable investment by Musica Studio, who used high-quality musicians and producer for the album.
1982's Opini, also on Musica Studio, cemented Iwan's reputation as a protest singer, but also as a balladeer. 'Galang Rambu Anarki', for his newborn son, combined both elements, commenting on both the happy event of the birth of his first child, but also commenting on rising prices, saying that perhaps his child would be malnourished if they could not afford to buy milk.
1983 saw the release of Sumbang, while 1984's album releases were Barang Antik and Sugali.
In April 1984, Iwan was arrested and questioned for two weeks after performing the songs 'Demokrasi Nasi' and Mbak Tini, both songs never recorded on album, in Pekanbaru. The song Mbak Tini was about a prostitute with a road-side coffee shop, married to 'Soeharyo' (Suharto).[8] The events were retold on the song '14-4-84' on 1986's Ethiopia.
Iwan Fals continued to release albums throughout the 1980s, while in 1989 he formed the group Swami, which released two albums Swami I in 1989, and Swami II in 1991. A similar grouping wasKantata Takwa, which contained several Swami personnel. The musical style was "rebana rock", a blend of Jimi Hendrix and Rick Wakeman, to a Betawi rebana.[9] The album Kantata Takwa' was released in 1990, featuring songs such as "Bento" and "Bongkar" ("Rip It Down"), two of several songs which they sang during a demonstration by college students.[6]
Up to the release Orang Gila in 1994, Iwan had released approximately two new albums per year for 15 years. Since 1994, he has greatly reduced his release schedule, releasing two singles only in 1995, and one in 1996, while in 1998 Kantata Samsara, the second and final album by Kantata Takwa, was released.
To make up for the lack of new content, a number of Iwan Fals compilations were released in the 1990s and 2000s, including Best Of The BestAkustik (3 volumes), and Salam Reformasi("Greetings Reformation"), which sold more than 50,000 copies.[10]
In 2002, Iwan Fals released his first new solo album since 1994, Suara Hati.[11] In 2003 the album 'In Collaboration With' was released consisting of performances with other Indonesia artists.Manusia Setengah Dewa, in 2004, was a solo album.
In 2005, he released Iwan Fals In Love, essentially a compilation of existing Iwan Fals romantic reocrdings, but with the new song "Ijinkan Aku Menyayangimu" ("Let Me Love You") as the main single, and five re-recordings of old songs.[5] Two songs, in collaboration with Indra Lesmana, Haruskah Pergi, and Selancar, were released as digital download in 2006.
In 2007, 50:50 was released by Musica Studios. The album's themes were romance and social criticism. One single of the album, "Pulanglah" ("Go Home"), tells about the death of Munir.[12] Six singles were written by himself and other six singles were written by his fellow musicians.[5] Two songs were released in 2009 as Untukmu Terkasih.
In 2010, he released Keseimbangan, and in 2011 he released new album titled "tergila-gila" with 4 new songs inside.
he has a large fans club which called OI (Orang Indonesia).

Lyrical themes

Iwan Fals has been compared with Bob Dylan, who was one of his key influences, both on his early style, which made heavy use of the harmonica, and on his lyrics, which have frequently been in the protest song genre.
For instance, "Kamu Sudah Gila" ("You've Gone Crazy") and "Apa Kamu Sudah Jadi Tuhan?" ("Have You Ever Been as God?") criticized the New Order regime.
Other songs are more observational, but still could be seen as political. For instance, his song Galang Rambu Anarki, written for his newborn son, talks of being too poor to raise his son, while "Kembang Pete" ("Petai Flower") tells the story of the underestimated poor.[1] "Aku Bosan" ("I'm Bored") is about a child protesting to his parents because they left him alone at home. While "Hura-Hura Huru-Hara" ("Fake Riot") compares moneylender to blood-sucking vampires.[13]
The 1988 song (and album) '1910', which could be interpreted as referring to the year 1910, was actually a reference to the date 19 October, the date, in 1987, of the Bintaro train crash, a disaster the song documents in observational style. "Celoteh Camar Tolol dan Cemar", on 1983's Sumbang, documented the sinking of the Tampomas II in Masalembu.
Aside from his observational protest songs, Iwan Fals is known for his love songs, which include "Yang Terlupakan" ("The Forgotten"), "Mata Indah Bola Pingpong" ("Beautiful Eyes, Pingpong Ball"), "Antara Kau, Aku, dan Bekas Pacarmu" ("Among You, Me, and Your ex-Boyfriend"), and "Pesawat Tempurku".
Although a songwriter, Iwan Fals' status as one of Indonesia's leading rock/pop performers has led to his recording material from numerous other song writers. Some of his most notable hits written by others include Barang Antik ("Antique"), "Kemesraan" ("Intimacy"), "Kumenanti Seorang Kekasih" ("I'm Waiting for a Lover"), "Aku Bukan Pilihan" ("I'm Not an Option") and "Ijinkan Aku Menyayangimu".[14]



In 2002, he was named as Great Asian Hero by Time magazine.[11] In 2011, he received "Satyalancana", the highest government awards from Jero Wacik, Culture and Tourism Minister of Indonesia.[15]

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Trivium Biography

Trivium is an American metal band from Orlando, Florida, formed in 2000.[1] Signed to Roadrunner Records, the band has released five studio albums, eleven singles, and twelve music videos. Their latest album, In Waves was released on August 9, 2011.

Formation and debut album (2000—2004)

At his Lake Brantley High School talent show, frontman Matt Heafy performed a cover version of "No Leaf Clover" by Metallica. Vocalist Brad Lewter noticed Heafy and asked him to try out for his band. The pair went over to drummer Travis Smith's house where they played Metallica's "For Whom the Bell Tolls". Impressed with Heafy's performance, they accepted him into the band known as Trivium. After several shows at bars and local clubs, Lewter quit the band and Heafy took over his position as vocalist. In early 2003, Trivium went into the recording studio to record its first high-quality demo disc.[3] A copy of the demo was heard by German label Lifeforce, who signed Trivium. The band entered a studio to record its debut album, Ember to Inferno.[4]
As time went on, Corey Beaulieu joined for the recording of the album. In 2004, Paolo Gregoletto joined as the band's bassist to replace Brent Young, before a tour with Machine Head.[5] The album Ember to Inferno managed to garner the interest of Roadrunner Records representatives, who later signed Trivium to a record deal. They then began writing songs for their major label debut.

Ascendancy (2004—2006)

In 2004, Trivium recorded its second album, Ascendancy, in Audiohammer Studios and Morrisound Recording in Florida.[6] Produced by Heafy and Jason Suecof, the album was released in March 2005. The album debuted at No. 151 on the Billboard 200 and at No. 4 on the Top Heatseekers chart.[7] Allmusic reviewer Johnny Loftus stated on Ascendancy, Trivium are a "ridiculously tight quartet, unleashing thrilling dual guitar passages and pummeling kick drum gallops as surely as they do melodic breaks and vicious throat screams"[8] and Rod Smith of Decibel magazine praised "Smith’s impeccably articulated beats, bassist Paolo Gregoletto’s contained thunder, and, especially, Heafy and guitarist Corey Beaulieu’s liquid twin leads."[9] The album was also recognized as the "Album of the Year" by Kerrang! magazine. Later in 2007 the band received their first Gold Record in the UK for more than 100,000 Sales.[10]
In 2005, Trivium played the first Saturday set on the main stage at Download Festival in Castle Donington, England, credited by Matt Heafy as the gig that really launched Trivium on the world stage. Singles and music videos were released for "Like Light to the Flies", "Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr", "A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation", and "Dying in Your Arms". The videos for these songs gained rotation on MTV2's Headbangers Ball and Pull Harder on The Strings of Your Martyr has become one of their most well known songs and has become the song that they usually close their set with.[11] In support of the album, Trivium played on numerous tours with well known artists. The band opened for Killswitch Engage, Iced Earth, Fear Factory, and Machine Head, who were one of Heafy's largest influences.[12] Trivium played at Road Rage 2005,[13] Ozzfest,[14] and made an appearance at the Download Festival.[15] Ascendancy was re-released in 2006 with four bonus tracks and a DVD containing all of the band's music videos and live footage.[16]

The Crusade (2006—2008)

Matt Heafy performing in 2007
In April 2006, after a headlining tour featuring Mendeed and God Forbid as openers, Trivium entered the studio with Suecof and Heafy producing again.[17] The band played the Download Festival again, this time on the main stage with Korn and Metallica. Trivium released The Crusade in October 2006. Debuting at number 25 on the Billboard 200, the album sold over 32,000 copies in its first week of sales.[7][18] The album was a critical success, with Andy Greene of Rolling Stone claiming "Nothing mars a good metal record like so-called harsh vocals"[19] and Don Kaye of stating The Crusade "is one of the best metal releases of 2006 and quite possibly the heavy music album of the year."[20] On The Crusade, Heafy's vocals changed from the metalcore scream that was featured on the band's previous albums, to more singing on this album. This new singing style, along with the band's thrash metal music were criticised of sounding too much like Metallica, who was a major influence on the band.[21] Heafy commented on the change:
"If anyone is wondering why the screaming is gone it's because the four of us were never into bands that scream and we don't like any of the current bands that scream, so we asked ourselves why we're doing it. This time around I wanted to be a better singer because that's what we wanted to hear, so we dropped the screaming and did a lot of vocal training and vocal work."
—Matt Heafy[22]
The band supported the album by touring with Iron Maiden and Metallica, appearing on the Black Crusade tour with Machine Head, Arch Enemy, DragonForce and Shadows Fall, as well as headlining a European tour with supporting acts Annihilator and Sanctity and acquiring an opening slot on the Family Values Tour with Korn.[23][24][25] Trivium was named the best live band of 2006 at the Metal Hammer Golden God Awards.

Shogun (2008—2009)


Trivium started working on a new album with producer Nick Raskulinecz in October 2007.[27] Heafy stated he wanted to bring back the screaming that was found on Ascendancy. The band stated they did not choose to work with Suecof again because they already recorded three albums with him and they wanted to explore new ideas.[28] Recording ended June 2008.[29] In an interview with the UK's Metal Hammer magazine in May 2008, Matt Heafy stated that their new album was to have "more thrash influences, more screaming and more raptors. Possibly more screaming because of the raptors."[30] He told Revolver magazine, "For the first time, we can't look at our songs and say who the riffs sound like. We're really making our own stuff and our own kind of music and art form, and that's exciting."[31] In September 2008, Trivium released their fourth full-length album, Shogun. The album sold 24,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release, and debut at number 23 on the Billboard 200 chart as well as Number 1 in the UK Rock Album Charts.[32]
On August 14, Metal Hammer posted the following message on their blog, as stated by Matt Heafy: “We have some stuff not as a whole band but each individual guy has maybe ten to twenty songs. I have done about fifteen, but I have gotten rid of all but six because I kept the good ones as I kept going on, the newer songs I was writing were stronger and better so I got rid of the ones that weren’t as good. Paolo (Gregoletto, bass) has a bunch of songs, like twenty or so, but he keeps cutting back as well. Everyone keeps writing as many as they can, but then cutting back the weak ones and not worrying about trying to make them better songs.”[33]
However, it was confirmed on November 7, at the Theatre of the Living Arts in Philadelphia, that the band would "not be returning to Philadelphia for awhile or touring as much" due to plans to return to the recording studio's to record their 5th studio album during mid-2010.[34]
Trivium toured extensively throughout 2009 in support of Shogun, with two headline legs of the US, a headline slot on the Mayhem Festival second stage, a Australia/Japan leg, as well as a conclusive UK run in March 2010. Throughout their headline runs they have been supported by Chimaira, Darkest Hour, Dirge Within, Whitechapel, Rise to Remain and Black Tide. They were also booked as a co-headliner for Australia's Soundwave Festival in February 2010.
Travis Smith unofficially left the band on the second leg of the "Into the Mouth of Hell We Tour" tour. On February 4, 2010, the band announced that Travis had indeed officially left the band and fill-in drummer, ex-drum tech, Nick Augusto, was replacing him. Augusto is a former member of Maruta and Metal Militia, in which he played in with Gregoletto. The band has not yet stated the reason of his departure.[35

Departure of Smith and God of War III contribution (2010)

A couple of days after the release of Trivium's "Shattering the Skies Above", the band's first release that does not feature original drummer Travis Smith, frontman Matt Heafy opened up about why Trivium no longer includes Smith, and how former drum tech Nick Augusto was made into his replacement.
"We were coming to the point where the band was – not necessarily dissolving – but dissolving in creativity and maybe in live fire and energy, so we had to make a change for the positive," Heafy told Noisecreep. "Thankfully, we were able to find Nick, who was able to step it up and really be that guy to take us to the next level."
While Trivium's relationship with Smith had deteriorated over the years, the band had no immediate plans to replace him when he announced in late October 2009 that he would be sitting out the 'Into the Mouth of Hell We March' tour to take care of "some personal business." It was not until after the band members started playing with Augusto on the tour that they realized the injection of new blood served Trivium well.
"I was familiar with Nick's stuff with Maruta, and I knew he could play really fast, but I was really curious on how he'd do with our band," Heafy said. "I remember stepping out of the car and hearing him practicing 'Into the Mouth of Hell We March,' and I'd never heard the song played with that ferocity. It sounded like the album, but it was a little faster, harder and angrier. The first song we played [with him] was 'Rain' [from 2005's Ascendancy] and I remember him playing the end section and it was so effortless it almost looked fake. I looked at Corey and we both started laughing at the same time. I could tell we were both just thinking, 'Who the fuck is this guy?' So it's very cool he was able to bring that intensity to stuff that already existed and bring his own flair as well."
To this day, Heafy insists he has no idea exactly what 'personal issues' prevented Smith from touring, but he is grateful for the opportunity to play with Augusto, and wishes Smith the best of luck with his future endeavors.
"We told him over the phone [that we were continuing with Augusto,] and it was hard for everyone involved," Heafy said. "But I hope it's going to be something Travis recognizes was for the better for him in years to come. For his own health and well-being as well and for our own. I heard that he's doing very well now and that's the best you can wish for. And we hope he does amazingly, no matter what he picks in life to do next."[36]
In an interview with, guitarist Corey Beaulieu added, "...over time, things just kinda weren’t working out, and we did a headline tour of the US and about halfway through Travis just said he wasn’t going to do the next tour, so regardless we had to think about getting someone to fill in, then once we started playing with Nick we just knew it was the right thing." On the nature of Smith's dismissal from the band, Beaulieu stated
"...things were falling apart, and we just kind of pulled the trigger first, just to get it done, move forward and get the new guy settled in and comfortable. It’s been working really great with Nick and when people see the show they will see why." [37]
Trivium contributed to the God of War III soundtrack by recording the song, "Shattering the Skies Above". It is exclusively included on God of War: Blood & Metal, a digital EP that comes with the Ultimate Edition of the game and is available from the iTunes Store.[38] The band has also recorded a cover of the song "Slave New World" by Sepultura. "Shattering the Skies Above" was also released exclusively to their fanclub (TriviumWorld) on February 12, 2010 and was released widely on February 15.[39] The next day their Sepultura cover "Slave New World" was released as a free download for members of the UK via Metal Hammer UK. Both of aforementioned songs re-issued on their deluxe version of the album "In Waves".

In Waves (2010—present)

In an interview with STV, Heafy has said: "Things are great and its definitely preparing us for our next record which is what we have been prepping for and we have been writing for it. It's going to be and has to be the best record we have ever done. Every record we say that but this is going to be definitive, this is going to be the one." Bassist Paolo Gregoletto adds: "We have been rehearsing full new songs at soundchecks and stuff. We have a lot of new ideas and every year we talk about what we want the album to be and we are still in the stages of finding where I think it's going to be and it's starting to shape up right now. We just have tons of material written already and after this tour, [we'll] take a small break and then we're hitting the warehouse where we rehearse and write the music and we're going to start demoing and hopefully we'll get it started by the summer and finished by the fall."[41]
In an interview with Guitar World, it was stated that for their fifth studio album, Trivium will move forward by looking back. The group will forgo the complex epic compositions, tricked-out, leads and seven-string guitars that characterized its past two albums. Trivium will take an approach similar to that of its second album Ascendancy (2005) by using uncluttered riffs, drop-D tuning, and more straightforward solos. "When we did Ascendancy, we were writing specifically for the songs, not to show how well we could play," says frontman and guitarist Matt Heafy. "That wasn't exactly the case with our next two records."[42]
Adds Heafy’s co-guitarist, Corey Beaulieu, "We're making sure every part in every song needs to be there and is super-catchy and doesn't go over people's heads."[42] Heafy stated via Twitter that they will be entering the studio on January 2.[43] Matt Heafy stated on December 11, that there are going to be 10–13 songs on the new album.[44]
In the bonus content for the November 2011 issue of Guitar World, Matt Heafy talked about why the band decided to record this album in Drop Db as opposed to Drop D. "For the whole record of 'In Waves' we're in Drop Db, so it's kind of like (Ascendency), just a half step lower, and everything that we do from all of the albums is half a step flat. It's mainly for the vocals. (It's) not that I can't sing higher, it's just easier with the amount of shows we do."[45]
On June 6, Metal Hammer revealed that the band have decided to entitle their upcoming album In Waves and that it would be released on August 9, 2011.[46] On June 19, Trivium debuted two new songs live in Birmingham entitled "Dusk Dismantled" and "Black". On the June 28 "Dusk Dismantled" was released to TriviumWorld users only; it was released to general public on the 29th. On July 13, the premiere of "Inception of the End" was released to the general public on the website Hot Topic.[47]
In Waves was released on August 2011 worldwide, and while receiving generally positive reviews, it has also drawn some mixed reactions from both fans and critics. Kerrang! described the album as "draws from the band's entire repertoire and shapes what it finds into a defining and definitive set". A special edition was released featuring the tracks: "Ensnare the Sun", "A Grey So Dark", "Drowning in Slow Motion", "Slave New World" cover and the single from the God of War III soundtrack "Shattering the Skies Above".
In March 2012, Trivium bassist Paolo Gregoletto told Australian magazine "Loud", “I think it’s going to be heavier. We’ve been talking about it a lot, just a lot of stuff, like where we want to go with the next record. I think we’ve definitely learned to write better on the road and we’re learning that writing with a more focused vision musically is the way to go. Not just all of us just writing as many songs as we can. I think we’re all trying to be conscious of how much we’re writing, what we’re writing and really just spending the time with a smaller batch of songs, rather than writing like 40 songs and kinda being all over the place musically. But it’s definitely I think going to be a heavier record.
“I mean, the last record, we had so much time; we had like two years and we wrote an album over the course of two drummers, so it was like, when we started writing we were in a different headspace than when we actually recorded. So we had a lot of material, which was great. But I think now that things have smoothed out on the personal side of things for the band, I think we can focus solely on just the musical vision of what Trivium is and really have no, outside of the musical stuff we have nothing going on that’s kinda like drawing from that." [48]
Trivium participated in a co-headlining trek with Swedish melodic death metal band In Flames in both Europe and North America. European support came from Ghost, Rise to Remain and Insense. North American support came from Veil of Maya and Kyng. They also performed at the Metaltown Festival and Download Festival in June 2012.
From July 13 – August 28, 2012, Trivium took part in Metal Hammer's "Trespass America Festival" headlined by Five Finger Death Punch with additional support from Battlecross, God Forbid, Pop Evil, Emmure and Killswitch Engage.[49]
On October 15, 2012, Trivium will commence a UK headlining tour, supported by Caliban, As I Lay Dying and Upon A Burning Body.

Musical style and lyrical themes

Trivium's style has known to be melodic metalcore with some strong influence and elements of thrash metal, groove metal, hardcore and old school heavy metal. Although, their Crusade album was more thrash metal than their typical sound. Trivium are referred to multiple heavy rock styles such as metalcore,[50][51][52] thrash metal,[53][54][55][56] progressive metal,[57] alternative metal,[51] groove metal,[58] and death metal.[55] Their style has evolved over the years from their earliest work on Ember to Inferno right through to Shogun, there is a clear thrash influence from Metallica and Machine Head, as well as some early In Flames.[59] Trivium has stated that in general they are influenced by musical groups such as Metallica, Machine Head, and Iron Maiden.[60]
Upon the release of their second album Ascendancy,[61] Trivium were identified as melodic metalcore with strong elements of thrash metal,[51][52] with the third track on the album “Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr” becoming a permanent fixture in the band's set lists and the rest of the album selling itself to gold status.[61] Ascendancy was even featured as one of Metal Hammer’s Albums of the Decade.[59] Later releases have marked changes in the band. The Crusade was seen as a major shift in musical direction due to the change in vocal style, namely the absence of screaming, and some of the melodies[62] featured.
The Crusade is a much more thrash-oriented album and lyrical content was also different in direction, citing current affairs, such as the Yates murders, the 1999 Amadou Diallo killing, and the murder of Matthew Shepard. In Autumn 2008, Trivium released Shogun, which has a heavy Japanese influence on its title track as well as the first single release "Kirisute Gomen", which translates to "authorization to cut and leave". Acknowledging Matt Heafy’s Japanese heritage,[63] the album also was described more favorably as more their own style, as previous references to Trivium sounding like Metallica had been made on the back of The Crusade.[64] The Crusade made sparing use of 7-string guitars, which were featured heavily on Shogun.
Many of the songs on Shogun draw lyrical inspiration from Greek mythology. "Into the Mouth of Hell We March" and "Torn Between Scylla and Charybdis" detail the story of Odysseus choosing whether to face the giant whirlpool Charybdis or the 6-headed monster Scylla. "He Who Spawned the Furies" is about the Titan Cronos devouring his children and castrating his father Uranus, creating Aphrodite and the Erinýes (the Furies). "Of Prometheus and the Crucifix" references the daily torment of Prometheus and alludes to crucifixion of Jesus Christ, serving as a metaphor for enduring torment by the public for daring to contribute something new to society. "Like Callisto to a Star in Heaven" is written from the perspective of the nymph Callisto, detailing her rape and impregnation by Zeus and her transformations into a bear and into Ursa Major. "Down from the Sky" features a contemporary theme, chastising those who spark wars for profit or religion, and warning of nuclear holocaust.

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